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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tay-Swift Monologue Style.

Today I could talk y'all about:

How I woke up late and missed my class this morning,

How I have decided I'm not a good egg maker.

How in my dream last night I was with Alex & Christina and we were going to get Kellie to cheer her up.

How I worked half a semester developing a proposal for research project idea for which I now want to create a new one by Monday.

How I'm going to see New Moon tonight for the 3rd time in the theaters with some of my old coworkers.

How I've been neglecting emails & blogs for the past couple of days.

How I'm still sore in my shoulders from Yoga on Tuesday.

How I REALLY want to win Sara-Jane's giveaway because it sounds awesome.

How I want nothing more then to go shopping on Saturday night but I have no one to go with. Or money to spend.

How ever since I read Lauren's post, I've been craving Five Guy's like you wouldn't believe.

How I wore my ugly sweater today since it is wash day and no one will see me but my coworkers who don't care what I look like. Neither do I.

How I almost have 50 followers (yay!) and I'm thinking I want to do a giveaway but I don't know what to give away.

But instead I'll just tell y'all to have a fabulous weekend! 8)


amanda leeann said...

'i like glitter and sparkly dresses..' oops. okay. is it bad that i probably have that monologue memorized? too damn catchy.

anywho. my mom has seen new moon more than i have. i want to win her giveaway toooo. i want to shop. i have no money. & i want 5 guys.

love your face. the end.

little ms. sassy shelby said...

I love 5 guys. so good!

I hate ugly clothes day, it always makes me wish I had a maid that did my laundry so I could avoid it all together. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Happy weekend :)

Lauren said...

I have been craving Five Guys since then too! But I am trying sooo hard to be good.

I saw New Moon again last night, and it was fabulous.

Have a lovely weekend doll!

Christina said...

Best dream ever! I hope we succeeded!

I'm hoping to join the gym soon so I'll be joining you and Alex in being sore! I don't remember yoga being that demanding.. I should try it again.

Yay for your follower count! I can't believe I only started blogging a full month ago practically and already have 26 followers. I'd probably only have like 1 if Alex hadn't spread the word!

The only person who sees me on laundry day is Alex.. she has seen me at my worst. For real.

Have a fabulous weekend yourself, lady!

PS, I constructed your heart. Its safely tucked away in my purse :)

adri. said...

thanks for looking at my blog :) yours is adorable! i love the style of it, with the black and white. i looove black and white. anyways, i saw new moon 3 times in theaters as well. woot woot! :)

Elizabeth said...

50 followers! You rock!!! I think you are just the sweetest EVER!! :) I hope you have a nice weekend!!!!

Alexandria said...

I love Christina's comment. She slays me.

I love your dream. It should really happen someday...please come and get your heart!

I am doing yoga at 8 tomorrow morning and I know it is going to kill me.

I want to do a giveaway too! Hmm...perhaps I will for my 100th post!

Dude. Do you remember when we each had like 5 followers? Win!

Tara said...

Mmm Five Guys is so good. And I would totally go shopping with you if I could. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Five Guys! Now I'm craving!

I too have no money for shopping....yuck!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

A giveaway! How exciting! You'll get 50 followers in no time.

Thanks for linking to the giveaway! Love love love!

Mar said...

I would so follow you twice if that was even remotely possible. But instead I am going to use my mindpowers and send 3 more followers your way so you can do an awesome (because I know that that's what it will be) giveaway!

Love your face and hope you're having a great weekend :)

Crystal Ball said...

I have yet to see New Moon. And that giveaway is so gorgeous.
Have a beautiful weekend!