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Monday, January 11, 2010

"Sometimes Being Special Sucks."

Title: Glee- Will

So I'm having a bad day. One of those I wish I never woke up days... but instead of complaining I thought you all would enjoy this piece of info!

Remember my note to Rachel & Mercedes? Well I might have been wrong. I'm not going to take their spot, I'm going to get my own! There is 3 spots... who is with me!?

P.S. My blog looks special right now because I'm in the middle of redoing it. Bare with me.


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't having that good of a day.

Wow--can't believe the news that they are going to be holding auditions (it'd be fantastic if we could sing with Rachel and Finn--and later, I would make out with him, even though I'm happily engaged. Maybe I'll ask fiancee to sing like Finn...)

Please share your secret sometime of how you make your blog 3-column (would love a tutorial). XO

Mar said...

Ok. So since I officially suck at singing but still want to be a part of this awesomeness that is going on; how about I'll hook you up with some mean & slammin' choreography? It would be awesome and very much 90's boyband-esque, but it would rule!

Oh, yes... If only I could dance ;)

I'm giving you another hug, because I hate that you're having a crappy day. If there's anyone responsible for this, please let me kick his/her ass or deck him/her across the face? Please?

Love ya!

Kellie said...

And these are the times I wish I could sing. Without breaking windows.

Elizabeth said...

I like what you are doing with your blog! Cant wait to see the finished product! Hope things turn around for you...sometimes we have those days! Keep your head up! :-)

Jenny said...

Sorry you are having a bad day...

I wish I could sing....

Marci Darling said...

I saw they were having open auditions and squealed!!!!!

I may submit an audition, just for kicks.

I hope your day gets better :)

Lauren said...

Can we audition together? Wouldn't it make for a great made for tv movie? Friends meet on Twitter and become famous.... No?

Love you girlfriend! I hope your day gets better :)

Meghan O said...

you're blog is looking super cute!! i love it =)

thank you for this information. i will be practicing my best singing and choose the BEST song. we just need to be chosen together so we can rock the socks off these Glee people ;)

sorry your day is crappy. *hugs* and i hope it gets better <3

Christina said...

I definitely like the new background/header!

You've got a case of the Mondays!Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this :)

uhski said...

I just saw this! But since my singing is atrocious and my acting mediocre I will just have to say I knew you when you were my bloggy friend when you diva off some beyotches and get a spot on gleeeee. =]

bananas. said...

boo bad days but at least it's almost over.

btw glee always me smile.

amanda leeann said...

dude. there is another spot?

...idk how i feel about this. no lie. it makes me wish i was good enough to be on this show.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Amanda- Thanks dear. Mmm getting makey outty with Finn is a must. Boyfriend/fiance who? Haha. Good for you, Vito can't sing, I ask him not to so asking him to sing like Finn won't work. Boo. I will send you the link of magicness!

Mar- Please be my choreographer. It would rock my socks. Please kick Vito's parentals ass. It would make me feel better. Thanks for the hugs. I love it.

Kellie- I'm sure you can, without breaking windows! 8)

Elizabeth- Why thanks sweets. I think I'm done messing around with it for now so hopefully it is good enough. I just keep on keeping on, tomorrow will be better! 8)

Jenny- I wish I was an amazing singer too. Maybe if I continue practicing. 8)

Marci- Do it! I'm thinking I will too. Just for kicks right? It'll be epic.

Lauren- YES! We will audition together and will be fabulous! They will make movies about our twitter/blog friendship beginning and I see a reality show in our future too! Love you too!

Meghan- Oh we will rock their socks so far off, they will forgot they had them on. End of story. Thanks for the *hugs*!!

Christina- Thanks lovely. Ugh, cases of the Mondays ruin my life often. I'm thinking we should petition to get rid of them or have them off from work/school.

Mara-Thanks, it'll get better! I'm convinced!

Sarah-Oh I will diva-off like they have never seen before, my claws are out! Grrrr! Haha. You can be my manager or something cool like that!

Bananas- I'm gladd it is almost over. Makes it much better. Glee makes it better, I listened to the music all day! Haha!

Amanda- They are doing 3 spots. & one of them has your name on it. We shall audition, I'm deciding for you. End of story.

Katie said...

I'm sorry :( I hope things got better today!