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Monday, January 4, 2010

"If Only You Could See Into Me"

Finally, after forever, I'm getting around to answering my second half of questions. If you are looking for the first set, go here.

You ladies were amazing and I had so much fun! Enjoy!
Tara asked...

What do you think is the worst Christmas song?

Only 1?! Probably the stupid Donkey song. I mean really? A donkey song?! Stupid.

Vito Christmas 2009

What is your favorite thing about Vito?

Aww, only 1 again? Probably that fact that he'd do anything in his power to make me happy. He'd go out of his way to do whatever it takes. Like a silly example, I came in the other night and told him I was having cravings (no I'm not pregnant, cravings are a regular for me). He asked for what, I told him sushi, stuffed mushrooms, and old bay fries. His response? "Well I could go to Olive Garden (25 mins away) and pick up mushrooms, head over and pick up sushi (opposite end of town) and then stop and get fries for you if you want? We could make it work and you can hang out here. I'll get it for you" He says this all with his hands in the sink, doing dishes. Perfect man? I think so.

Princess opening presents, Christmas 2009

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing my niece open her presents. As I grew older, Christmas just doesn't hold that same meaning for me as it did. Plus in 1998, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer on Christmas Eve. Talk about making it a sad holiday. It is a very down time for everyone around the holidays since we all miss her but having my Princess there, she cheers everyone up with that child-like fun she has and the light in her eyes when she talks about the magic of Santa. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Me in Cali 2009
Anna asked...

What is your biggest and/or strangest phobia?

Oh I have so many. Yeah, I'm a scaredy cat. Seriously. But my biggest and strangest is probably the fact that I'm so afraid of vomit. Like deathly, horribly, brings on panic attacks just thinking about it. It's that bad. I'm 22 and I haven't puked since I was 8. I include in my prayers every night to God to keep me from it. I can't watch it on TV let alone be in the same house without someone who is sick. Public transportation freaks me out to the max for the fact that if someone were to get sick, I am trapped. I never drink too much afraid of getting sick and being around people who get smashed causes my anxiety levels to go into overdrive. Yeah I'm weird and it sucks but it is what it is. Please feel free to judge me now for my loser-ness. Haha.

Vito & I at the Inner Harbor 2007
Blogger Alexandria asked...

How many kids do you want to have?

Honestly, asking me right now I am pretty set on the idea of a kid-free life. I use to be set on a whole bunch of kids but as I've grown older, I'm content with no plans on children. I love my niece and if there ever was a reason to have a child, it would be her. I really want to travel in my life. People's classic response is either 1 of 2 things: "You can travel with kids" or "Travel before you have kids." My answer is no to either. I know what it is like to travel with a little one and I would rather pass. Vito & I have had many talks and we have both come to the same decision that our path together in life does not include being a mother and father.

Sis & I at the beach 2009

Milk or white chocolate?

Mmm both. I love both of them but I hate dark chocolate. Ew.

Princess on Christmas 2009

Biggest inspiration in your life?

My niece. She inspires me to be a better person every day. The fact that she constantly looks up to me and is already copying my every move shows me that even the little things matter. I want to make her proud and make the right choices in my life so she can continue looking up to me even as she gets older.

Sprinkles in LA

When are you going to try SPRINKLES??

I actually have tried Sprinkles when I was in LA. We were done on Rodeo Drive and walking around, trying to find a Jamba Juice and ran into Sprinkles. The line was outside. My favorite part was standing outside, there was a sign on the door saying to keep it shut to make sure the cupcakes maintained their freshness. I thought it was great. We got a box of 4 with 4 different kinds to try. We ate them the next 2 days back in the hotel. Talk about love. We talked them up so much to everyone back home that the morning we left to fly back home, we went back and got a dozen to bring home to family and friends. I look forward to eating them again, if they ever open a store near me!

Cupcakes of scrumptiousness

Blogger Marissa asked...

Dream Vacation?

Oh geez, the world? My desire is to see the world, all of it so just being able to pick up and see all the wonderful places is my dream. Right now, I'd settle for a vacation through Europe.

Vito & I at the Inner Harbor 2007Delete

Blogger Sara-Jane Elizabeth asked...

If you could have a dinner party and invite 10 guests, dead or alive, who would you invite?

Oh Lord, this is hard! Let me see...

1.) My MamMaw, because I miss her dearly and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye

2.) Jim Jones, because I'm a psych nerd and picking apart his brain would be fabulous.

3.) Freud, because I'm a psych nerd. I mean really, it would be amazing.

4.) Audrey Hepburn, because she is the definition of elegance and beauty

5.) Lucille Ball, because I adore her something big. My fav show growing up was I Love Lucy. She's fantastic.

6.) Chris Daughtry, because I want him to serenade me

7.) Tim Burton, because he is fascinating

8.) Robert Pattinson, because, well do I need a reason?

9.) Taylor Lautner, because I want to see those abs in person.

10.) Jesus, because who wouldn't want to talk to Jesus face-to-face?

Princess & I on Christmas 2009

Alyssa asked...

Since I just saw your Hunger Games countdown (ps I LOVE HUNGER GAMES)....

Team Peeta or Team Gale??
Oh team Peeta all the way. Who is team Gale? I mean really? Katniss doesn't need him to sleep at night nor are their kisses anything like Peeta's. He's always tried to protect her and would give his life for her. If she doesn't chose Peeta in the 3rd book, I claim him. Just sayin'...

Hope you all have enjoyed this as much as me! Feel free to always ask questions if you want to know something about me, I like talking about myself. 8)


Meghan O said...

let's travel to europe and meet your british GBFF and my british boyfriend (and you know see the sites).
then we'll go to cali and get these sprinkles cupcakes that i've heard about many times

ps i love your dinner party guests. they are all very fascinating. i especially like the fact that you have rpattz, taylor, and jesus all sitting at the same table =D

Lauren said...

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed I'm not on your list of 10 to have dinner with... just kidding :)

I love to travel and the thought of having kiddos puts a huge damper on my travel plans, so I totes understand where you are coming from on this one.

You win! Know why? Because Team Peeta is the only way to go!

Love you girlie! You rock!

Christina said...

God, my least favorite Christmas song would have to be that Grandma got run over by a reindeer song. OB-NOX-IOUS!

Wow is all I have to say about Vito. He's a keeper for real!

You're def not a loser! I don't actually have a phobia of vomit but I am really scared of actually throwing up myself. I think it is the WORST feeling ever. I cry every time. I've gotten to a point where I can push my nausea back.. I havent thrown up innn like 5 years (and counting). Here's to never throwing up again!

Team Gale? Whats that?

Alyssa said...

Woooo Team Peeta!
Cute pics!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I love your list of people you would invite! I Love Lucy was my favorite TV show growing up, too! Lucille Ball is a comic genius.

These question and answer things are so fun!

Tara said...

It's so great getting to know more about you. You and Vito are such a cute couple!

And ps: I'll give you all my milk choc if I can have all your dark. I looovveee dark chocolate.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun little post!! :-)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Meghan- I seriously love you and we shall travel asap to Europe and Cali while listening to Glee, because that is the only way to go. obvi. You never had Sprinkles!? Please get some soon. I'm going thru withdrawal. I read on the site they are going to put one in Philly. I'm there. And well, a table wouldn't be complete without Rob, Taylor, and Jesus. Great convos will ensue.

Lauren- Just so you know, you were choice number 11, obvi. I'm bad at following the rules and I thought I should try it for once. I'm sorry? ;) Next dinner party, you are guest numero uno! You win because we are both team peeta! Mmm love me some bread. Love you lots!

Christina- I hate that song too! Very obnoxious! Haha. Vito is a keeper, unless ya know Peeta came along and baked me bread. But until then... Puking is the worst ever. I'm glad you don't think I'm a loser. I cry too, even when I think I might. Here's to continuing our track of no puking forever!

Alyssa- Woot woot! Thanks lady!

Sara-Jane - These are so fun! I love Lucy! seriously, I've seen all the eps I think. I still watch them if they are on. 8)

Tara- Why thanks dear. You have yourself a deal for the choco!!!

Elizabeth- Thanks lady! 8)

Elizabeth said...

Vito sounds like such a good catch...you lucky girl :)

Mar said...

Is there any place where I can get me a Vito? He sounds perfect! You lucky girl!

And, if you ever travel to Europe you should def. stop by! It would so rock :)

Love you and all your cute-ass pictures!

Britney Jean said...

i enjoyed reading this post and getting to know a little bit more about you. thanks!

Anna said...

I am deathly terrified of throwing up too!!! oh my gosh... I was visiting my best friend this weekend and Sunday night, she started puking UNCONTROLLABLY for 2 hours straight and we had to take her to the ER!!! She got this really nasty stomach flu ahhh! after i knew she was going to survive I immediately drove 2 hours home at 1 am to escape it and have been sitting on the couch for 2 days since, awaiting my fate b/c it's contagious. seriously, terrified. She looked like she was going to die, and i had to take care of her knowing that I would probably end up with the same virus!!!! HORRORS. luckily I am so far so good...sorry for the gross traumatic story!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Elizabeth- Why thanks, I think he is pretty great (most of the time!)!!

Mar- For the right price I might be able to sell. ; ) I will SO stop by and I'm crashing with you. Just sayin', hope you don't mind! 8) Love you and your cute ass-ness!

Britney Jean- I'm glad you found this enjoyable! I loved doing it! 8)

Anna-Oh my gosh. Thanks for sharing that horrible experience with me. I'm sorry you had to see that. You are a good friend, I would have left. No lie. When I am around someone who is gets the stomach flu, I literally start fasting for a few days. I'll only eat small things and only bland things, just in case I had to prepare my body. I would be having nightmares if I were you. I'm glad you are still healthy and I hope it continues!!!

uhski said...

I can totally relate to your phobia!! I wouldn't go on field trips on elementary school because I was afraid I would puke and be stuck somewhere. To this day I won't eat tomatoes or egg rolls because when I was little I got sick. Weird right? Oh well at least we are together in our weirdness!!!!

Meghan O said...

glee, duh how could i forget that in our travels?
I hope Sprinkles comes north sometime soon otherwise i'm coming down there. i have had the make them yourself kind. they were good, but not amazing like i've heard these cupcakes are.
i can only imagine the conversations that would happen between them at this dinner table...