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Monday, September 28, 2009

"Been Rambling Day After Day And Everyone Says I Don't Know"

Title: Kings of Leon - "Notion"

I try to appear cool when I'm typing my posts but in reality, I'm a bloggin' dork.  

No really, I am. I get excited when I have comments.  I love posting comments to other people's blogs. I texted Vito on Friday to tell him how excited I was when I realized I had 5 whole followers to my blog. 5! Yeah, I can count them on one hand but seriously, when I started blogging I never thought people would want to read my random thoughts.

I talk to Vito about my blog and he responded by saying he wants to get one too... 

He wants to what?! Get a blog? And be blog friends? Uhm.. no. I don't think so.

See the thing is, my blog isn't read by anyone I know in person. Not a single one.  Not even Vito (thought I have told him about what I wrote and read him snippets) .  Maybe that seems weird that no one even knows I blog but I really enjoy it.  I love being able to write about whatever I want and make friends that way.  

Maybe I'm missing out and could have more people visit my blog if I told my friends about it.  But for right now, I enjoy it the way it is. 8)

Do your friends and family know and read your blog or do you keep it on the DL like me?


amanda leeann said...

i heart comments!

my blog is def on the DL. i had the link on my facebook for a while, and then that came down. my 2 best friends read. that's it.

i like that i have something separate that not everyone knows about, or even have access to. and i still have people read me! it's great.

i think if mass amounts of people i knew read my blog, i would censor myself more to avoid stepping on people's toes. no thanks. i enjoy saying what i want.

Alexandria said...

I am SO the same way! I know my bloggity blog is super lame...but I love it none the less! I also love the fact that I get comments! Even if it is only one or two...it makes me happy!

Overall, my blog is on the DL. One of my best friends reads, and my brothers girlfriend and that is it! I would so censor myself more if more people that I knew read it!

Tara said...

My husband is the only person I know that even knows I have the blog. He knows the link, but I don't think he actually reads it. And I'm with you- I get excited when I have comments and new followers too and I only have 8 followers. I'm a follower of your blog now, so you have to use 2 hands. :)

uhski said...

Hahaha I am the exact same way. I mentioned in passing to my family and my friends about my blog but don't ever show it to them only because it's kind of like a diary. I love feedback and comments from people who don't know me other than by what I tell them. I like it that way. =]

Meghan O said...

I love getting comments! And I know you commented on my blog a while ago. Thank You!! I'm returning the favor and your blog is super cute! =)

So to answer your question, my mom reads my blog. She has one too. I have the link on my facebook and twitter, but I'm not sure how many people actually look at it. My friends know I have one, but I don't think they look at it.