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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Just Like A Tattoo, I'll Always Have You"

Title: Jordan Sparx "Tattoo" FYI-I hate that song but I couldn't think of anything else special.

So all this talk about tattoo, I figured I should post a pic of my current tat. It's not a good quality pic, it was taken right after it was done. This is mine, right above my right ankle:
So since many of you have tats too, what do you girlies have and where?


uhski said...

I love it!! I have a sketch of a horse on my right hip because horses are my life and 4 basic star outlines down my left ribcage for my 4 siblings. =] pretty simple but I love them both.

amanda leeann said...

my parents don't know about mine - and the night before i got it done i wandered about the house singing that song.

http://twitpic.com/5jylr - this is mine. basic and clean lined. i love it.

yours is really cute!

Jenny said...

I love your tattoo!

I have a pink ladybug on my right inner hip... And I have a custom designed heart with wings on my lower back! My Best Friend designed it and got matching tats!