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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Stories Will Be Told Until The End Of Time"

Vito has been known to describe me as stubborn and opinionated. Who me? Stubborn? Opinionated? Check. Check. Some may look at these as flaws. Me? Nah, I embrace them.I like to look at it as knowing what I believe and sticking to it.

So, as one of my daily weekday rituals, I read the news. This includes the local news and then msnbc. Today while reading I was just annoyed at some of the topics that are covered every day. I thought about not posting this, but this is a blog. I apologize if I offend you and if you find these things interesting.. Anywho..

1.) Michael Jackson.

Seriously. How many months ago did this man die?! I don't know because it has been in the news EVERY FLIPPING DAY SINCE. Okay, he died. That's sad. He was a music icon who allegedly molested children for God's sake. Why are we mourning him like he is Jesus? Even if my favorite celebrities were to tragically die tomorrow, I would not be flying across the country and cry at his memorial. I wouldn't cry. Anwho, I'm just tired of hearing about him and his family. Let it rest, let them rest.

2.) Swine Flu

Schools are/were shutting down over cases of the flu. The flu? Is this not what we get every year? Do we not survive? So it's a new strain. It killed people, and that is horrible. But the regular flu kills people too, a lot more people, and we are not shutting down everything because someone sneezed. I don't get it. The guy who played Ron Weasley has the Swine Flu, said it was just like every other flu and survived. If Ron isn't worried, neither am I.

3.) Politics/Health Care/Obama

I'll just lump these all together. I don't really like politics. Everyone has their own opinions, and as previously stated so do I and I stick to them. I also do not believe Obama is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I do not want to open the news to find out what his wife is wearing today, where they ordered pizza from, and what kind of dog they get. How is this news??!

4.) Chris Brown

This made the local newspaper. It's not local. He beat his woman. More than once. It's news and now he gets probation. Don't worry, as long as you are famous, beat whomever you want and you will only get a slap on a wrist, Fabulous.

These are just things bothering me today. I'm grumpy if you can't tell. Last week's crappyness didn't get any better. I ended up at the Dr's being put on some strong antibiotics and pain meds to get rid of a sinus infection and migraine. Vito scrapped his car into another car on Saturday so he's in a wonderful mood now. Not.

TMI warning! TMI warning!

It's that time of the month and because of this stupid pain medication, I can't take anything that may contain aspirin so my cramps are uncontrollable right now. I contemplated crawling under my desk for awhile but I think they'd notice. Boo.


Jenny said...

I agree with you about everything! Especially the flu and politics...

Alice said...

HEY your TMI is MY TMI!! that's what's got me in my bad mood!!

oh and AMEN SISTAH! to all of the above!

amanda leeann said...

check, check, check, and check.

i am tired of these things too. then again, i don't really read the news. i prefer to think that [at least some] ignorance is bliss right now.

also, the post before this one, made me laugh when i read it.

i hope you feel better!