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Friday, August 7, 2009

Why Not Learn To Enjoy The Little Things? There Are So Many Of Them!

This weekend is quite busy. Tonight Vito & I are having our date night. Dinner? Shopping? Lounging around the house? Who knows... as long as I spend time with him, that is all that matter.

Tomorrow we have 2 cookouts to go to. One is a Luau at my sister's house and the other is a Fiesta at his co-worker's house. Festive right? Haha. I need to find something to wear to the Luau, we are suppose to dress up.

Sunday we are doing a double lunch date at Olive Garden for my fav, soup salad and breadsticks! MmmMmmMmm. Then off to a wonderful, bonding long and boring family reunion. Oh goody..

Things I want to do this weekend but will probably not find time to?

-Decorate my blog, since I just figured out how to do it. Hehe.
-Go buy new books to read


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