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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Thursday...

I'm having a crappy week.   Like one of those weeks where everything and anything is annoying and I'm contemplating getting in my car and driving until I can not drive anymore. Alone.  Want to know come current annoyances? Of course you do! 8)

1.) Teachers who believe their class and work for the class is my full time job and I should be able to do a butt load of homework at any point.
Seriously?! Uhm, hi. I am sure you have had the talk from your mommies and daddies that goes a little something like this: "The world does not revolve around you." I've had this talk (tho secretly, I think my mom lies and the world does revolve around me somedays. Ooops?), you've had this talk, they had to have had this flippin' talk.  I work and go to school and do not have time to sit around and read a million pages, write 5 essays, and be ready for a discussion in 3 days, not including the other 5 classes I have work for (one day which I go from school starting at 9am, work after that, and back to school until 9:15 at night.) Sure, I have plenty of time to do your mindless work... NOT.

2.) Vito
Now don't get me wrong. I love this man like no other but ugh, he can certainly get under my skin.  We've been off and on arguing all week and it just runs me down, honestly.  I hate arguing.  And most of the time it is about stupid, insignificant things that have no meaning what so ever.  Unfortunately, during one of my panic attacks, I tell him how I feel about school (i.e. that I hate it to the depths of hell) and he pretty much freaked out and told me to go finish my homework.  It didn't go over well and I'm still stewing over his reaction.

3.) My work computer
It decided to spaz out as of last Friday.  Luckily by Tuesday afternoon, it was fixed... I try to get back to scanning on Wednesday and now my scanner won't work and no one will help me fix it. Ugh.

You might as well call me Debbie, because I'm being such a downer... Yuck.  Once I'm done wallowing in my own self-grumpyness, I'll write something other than annoying things... hopefully later today! 8) Until then..


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