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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Earth Is... Very Interesting. It's Harded Than Any Place I've Been Before"

Title: Quote from The Host

So this morning started out horrible. Miserable. Yeah, woke up at 4 AM to stomach pains. Bad stomach pains, I contemplated the fact I might be dying (I do this a lot.. Vito doesn't even bother worrying about me anymore). Turns out I am just in for a day full of cramps. YES! Not... I'm miserable and crawled into the fetal position for the next 6 hours. I called off work and skipped classes and instead spent my morning dreaming.

Dreaming you say? Yes dreaming. This is normal for others, to dream and all. It is a running joke in my family about my dreams. They never make sense. Seriously, mine are out there. One of my psych professors once said that some people get into the profession in hopes to help themselves, I hope on my way to helping others I can figure out what is wrong with my head.

I dreamt that we were having a big party and someone killed one of my best friend's, A. While they were trying to get her body out of a closet in my room (which doesn't exist mind you), I had to keep all these boys in my tiny bathroom. I found out later that Obama was the one who killed her and was after me now. Bwha!? Yeah... I ended up taking care of myself and ended it with a knife. Sorry Obama, don't mess with me. But then the neighbor guy was on his side and I had to run down the middle of the street screaming trying to get someone to open a door... then I woke up. Makes tons of sense right? Not...

Anywho, so I saunter downstairs and plop on the couch and start browsing my google reader (i.e. gift from God) and there was an update from Stephenie Meyer. She said the words that flipped my horrible day to wonderful! The Host is being made into a movie!!!!!!

Please say you have all read The Host? If not, stop reading my nonsense and go buy it! It's amazing, I adore it. The first few chapters are a little rough to get through, but once you get by that, you'll be hooked. The Host introduced me to one of my 3 top Book Boyfriends, Ian O'Shea. He's dreamy and I can NOT wait until they start posting the cast.

Have you read it yet?
If so, what did you think?
If not, what the heck are you waiting for?!


Alice said...

I'm waiting to get it as a hand me down. :) It's how I save $$ on books. But I will add it to my list of books to keep an eye out for.

They had a dream interpreter on the radio this morning. Even people who called in with the weirdest dreams she was able to break them down. Darn...I forget her name...but she has a website. I'll look for it.

amanda leeann said...

i have read the host. it was a bit tough to get through at the beginning.

meyer made me cry. seriously. i didn't cry until like..the 3rd time through the twilight series.

as for your last post: i adore fall. hands down, my favorite. my birthday is on halloween. i love pumpkins. and leaves. and cardigans.

Alexandria said...

I agree about the first few chapters being a bit tough...but once you are in it you are IN IT! I love that book...and am super stoked it will be a movie! Ian O'Shea is another loveo'mylife...swoon!

Oh and I added you to my reservation list...and I won't block you because of your Paul love...one on each arm sounds fab!

uhski said...

I hope you are feeling better today! I was in your same boat the last two days and was considering an ovariohysterectomy just to get rid of it all. But then I sat all day with a heating pad and felt better so I'm not as mad at my ovaries any more. We made up for the time being.

I love the Host. But I need to re-read it because I read it so fast that I honestly can't remember much of it. I just know that I loved it because I gave it to my sister who I believe still has it...hmm that reminds me I need to get it back. =]