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Monday, September 21, 2009

"Today's Not The Same As Every Day, It's Far From Ordinary"

Title: David Cook - "I Did It For You"

Oh weekend, how have you come and gone so quickly again?

Friday night at the fair was plenty of fun. The beginning of the evening was spent with my sister, brother in law, my niece, and her best friend all enjoying our pumpkin funnel cake. Might I say how fabulous it was? Because it was wonderful. Mmm.

After the pumpkin funnel cake and lots of people watching, you know of the people who have no mirrors, we headed into the stadium and enjoyed David Cook.

Now let me say, I have never in my life been surrounded by so many middle-aged, hormonal, screaming women in my life. It was quite frightening. The concert as a whole was good. He only played for an hour though, which was sad. When they went off the stage, I thought they were only breaking, but no they came out for one more song and then left the stage with one "thanks" and the lights came on and "Black Bottom Girls" started coming through the speakers. What?! What a random ending. Oh well, I enjoyed myself and I really needed a night out with my sis.

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Alice said...

I want that funnel cake!!!