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Friday, September 25, 2009

"Let's Get Rich And Give Everybody Nice Sweaters And Teach Them How To Dance"

For your listening pleasure, please hit play and listen to this song to enhance your reading experience... or just because I've been listening to this song all day. It makes me happy, I hope it makes you happy too!

Well hello there Friday, it took you long enough to get here! Seriously. Regardless, nice to see you!

I woke up this morning 20 mins before I had to leave... contemplated skipping and staying in bed but bargained with myself that if I get up, I could stop for coffee. Caffeine + Fluffer Nutter for breakfast + Friday = One wired Vanessa. Healthy? No. Quick and yummy? Check!

I don't really have anything important to talk about today, as you can tell I'm just babbling. Haha. Sorry in advance, you can quit reading if you'd like.

Last night I was mad that baseball thought it was more important than Vampire Diaries so I did not get to see it yet. Ugh.  I did watch Flashfoward (uhm, hi. It was great but freaky. Loves it) and Grey's (2 hours of depressingness was worth it. I may or may not have cried a bit...) 

Anywho, because it's a random day I figured I'd list some random things about me that have no utter importance. Fun right? I think so! 8)

1.)  The best therapy for me is driving on a beautiful day, windows down, sunglasses on, music on loud, and singing obnoxiously loud and off key like no one can hear me.  Nothing makes me feel better than this!

2.) I have random cravings. All. The. Time.  Not like normal cravings, but like "wow, she must be pregnant" cravings.. except I'm not pregnant. (Thank You God) Two nights ago while laying down to go to sleep, it hit me.  I wanted a strawberry shake from Burger King... Sushi... Cream Soda... Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory... and Rita's. In so specific order.

3.) I dreamt last night that cloaked aliens (small dementor looking things) were trying to attack me while I was at a restaurant with my mom and 2 aunts drinking the biggest bottle of wine I had ever seen in my life but then they disappeared to go feed on the rats in the sewer but promised to be back for us.  I apparently asked Vito to save me from them when he went to tell me goodbye this morning.

4.)  I'm 22 and have been working for over 10 years at many different jobs. At 11, I helped out selling fresh produce at farmer's markets for my best friend's family and also helped out around the greenhouses. Following that, I worked at Panera Bread for a brief period of time.. it sucked. Then I worked at Bon Ton as a sales associate for 2 years.  Then a bank teller for 2 years with all women.  Now I'm a secretary at a business working with all men.

5.) I play with my food and mash it when I'm really angry.  I didn't really know this until this past week when Vito told me 5 reasons why he loved me... this was number 5. He's a keeper.

Happy Weekend!


Alexandria said...

I would be SO pissed if baseball interupted my Vampire Diaries viewing! I love Grey's Anatomy...I totes cried (especially when Alex & Izzie were talking/arguing).

Your cravings are hilarious! What a yummy combination! Hearing about your dreams makes me SO glad I never remember my own...because dreams like that would FREAK me out!

Have a good weekend, doll!

amanda leeann said...

um, i heart that song.

and driving on gorgeous days makes me extremely happy!

Tara said...

Ok so I so think you and I would get along. I love finding new songs, so thanks for posting that.

And your # 1 is like my happy place.

Christina said...

I love Ingrid Michaelson! I hadn't heard this song before so bless you for putting it on :)

-(Always Alexandria's brother's girlfriend)

Christina said...

I have officially listened to this song a bajllion times. I'm not exaggerating.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Christina-- I'm so glad you like the song! I'm listening to it now too! The upbeatness (is that even a word? Probably not, oh well.. haha) makes me happy!

I don't know very many of her other songs. Any suggestions??