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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"I Believe This Is Heaven To No One Else But Me & I'll Defend It As Long As I Can Be..."

Title:  Bethany Joy Lenz - "I Believe"

I believe:  that some people should not have driver's licenses. Make the driving test harder, please.

I believe: hearing "I love you Essa" from my niece is the best sound on earth.

I believe: that if we must take 45mins to go over one answer to an essay question in order for the whole class to rewrite it, the question is way too hard.

I believe: in hugging everyone who means something to me every time I see them.

I believe: that even though I would have never considered taking meth, after watching a 50 min documentary on it, I'm convinced I'd rather die then try it.

I believe: music makes everything better.

I believe: in dropping classes when you can't handle the amount of work, dislike the teacher, or dislike the class

I believe: in God.

I believe: that people who are convinced that autism is caused by vaccines poorly educated themselves before stating their opinions.

I believe: in cuddling on the couch with 2 of my favorite men to watch Dexter helps make my week better.

I believe: that if I would have known that psychology was the second hardest major offered at my college, I may have chosen a different major. Maybe.

I believe: in making time to say I love you whenever possible.

I believe: laughter is the best medicine, especially when snorting is involved.

I believe: being stubborn is a good thing, especially when you are being stubborn about what you believe.


Jenny said...

I like this!

I especially like the one about Autism!

uhski said...

I love this. AND I luurrrrve me some Dexter. I just read today in a magazine that in for reals life he is married to Deborah Morgan, (his sister on the show). I don't know her for reals life name so I just call her Deborah Morgan....


But on another note... I believe: that you will do amazing in school and become a great psychologist if that is what you truly want. =]

amanda leeann said...

i love laughter. it's healing powers are vast.

some people should not have the right to drive. and some questions are just too dang hard. and some classes are meant to be dropped.

ps: if you need any gossipgirl backgrounds, i got your back. annnnd, i majorly adored dirty dancing. lots of swooning!

Alexandria said...


I am so with you on the essay question one...I had a teacher who would come up with the most brutal questions and not ONE person would get it right...but he would say it was because we were stupid...yeah he called us stupid. Awesome, right?

Alice said...

Loves this. I also love to snort when I laugh...well it's not really on purpose. :D

I say Hi with a hug and say bye with a hug. I'm a HUGGER!

The Autism thing is a big one. I'm with you all the way on that one.