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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Laughing is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one spot."

Title: Quote by Josh Billings

Growing up as a child, I would find something I liked, whether it be a food or a toy or a movie, and I would constantly watch or want to play or eat this thing. Seriously, I would pop in a movie and watch it multiple times a day for days until I found something else. Obsessive? Maybe. Once I get farther in my psychology classes, maybe I'll
be able to pick out a reason why I did this. Why I still do this. I am not as bad, but I do still find foods I like or a song and listen to it constantly. It happens. This is a list of my current obsessions. Enjoy!

1.) Air heads

I like to keep candy in my desk drawer to get me through the afternoons. Chocolate always lingers in my mouth and makes me keep eating it so I try to stick to something fruity. After eating Starbursts for a few weeks, I picked up a bag of Air Heads at the
store. Remember these?! They are so yummy. My fav? Mystery (white). Love it.

2.) Song: "Broken" by Lifehouse

I love this song. I can't get enough of it. It's been on repeat on my ipod since I got to work. It's beautiful.

3.) Facebook on Yahoo

I love that I can read status updates right in my Yahoo window when I go to check my mail. Saves me time. All about it.

4.) Book: Vampire Diaries

I read the first 2 books very quickly and was left with the cliffhanger ending, which I HATE. I ran to the bookstore and there was none in stock. I finally got an email today that my copy is finally in and I can't wait to read it! I also can not wait until the show starts up on Thursday. The preview doesn't seem to be exactly like the book, so we will see!

Well, that is all I can think about for today. It'll all change by next week!


uhski said...

Mystery White should be the only flavor of Air Heads. Okay maybe not the only because then it might get boring but it is the BEST =]

I'm on a low budget so I'm pulling my hair out listening to everyone love on Vampire Diaries and The Hunger Game and all these books and I can't even go buy them. I banned myself from the book store because I spend way too much money at one time and don't trust myself even when I say "Just two books, Sarah, don't over do it" I end up with 10...

I might have to Amazon it up. I need something new to read. And I'm glad you are back because I missed reading your blogs. =]

amanda leeann said...

dude, i love airheads. they are awesome. you should totally try the airhead suckers that came out a little bit ago.

*sigh* i may have to break down and read the vampire diaries. i'm kinda sick of vampires, but we'll see.

erin said...

girl we are the same! haha especially candy for some reason...yum...sour patches...

Jenny said...

UM... Mystery White Air Heads are my favorite 2!

And I am also in love with the song Broken...