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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Now Nothing Seems As Strange As When The Leaves Began To Change"

Title: Kid Rock - "All Summer Long

Happy first day of fall!! What a bitter sweet day it is. I personally hate when it starts to get cold. I HATE being cold, and I despise the cold... so winter is not my favorite time, but fall is lovely. I've decided to focus on some of my favorite things about fall today!

1.) Halloween

It is one of my favorite holidays, hands down. No other time do you get to dress up and act like children and get away with it without people looking at you strangely. Growing up we did not celebrate Halloween so I never got to dress up or go trick-or-treating. So needless to say, I am making up time! I really need to start thinking of costume ideas for this year...

2.) Pumpkins

You all have heard about my love for all things pumpkins. Lattes, funnel cakes, candles, pie, bread, coffee. Seriously, pumpkin=amazing. Also, who can hate carving pumpkins?! Not me!

3.) Clothing

I'm a huge fan of summer clothing but there are some good things about colder weather that I get excited ti whip out and wear again!

* Hoodies- Nothing is more comfortable on a cold day.

* Scarves- Not just to keep you warm but to make you look super cute! I want this scarf, now.

* Boots- not with the fur

4.) Leaves

It's gorgeous, enough said.

This is by no means all my favs, but most of the others involve foods and we'll save that for another day!

What's your favorite things about fall?


Jenny said...

I don't like fur on boots either...

uhski said...

Yay I love fall. I love how it smells and the leaves on the trees changing colors and HOODIES. I agree with you on that one!

Gossip Girl= LOVE IT! totally watch them. the clothes are to die for even if it is super cheesy and making kids think that school is really like that at all.

Vampire Diaries (books)= Great but as the series went on got a little out there for me....eh not my favorites.

Vampire Diaries (tv show)= the hot guys make it totally worth it to watch but EVERYTHING is different than the books so I can't enjoy it while I'm contemplating all of the major things the show got wrong.

=] Although, Stefen with his shirt off makes everything that is wrong just go away...funny how that works.

Alice said...

I love the way fall smells. Sounds weird but it smells different. Fall sunsets are the bestest. I love Halloweenie and decorating the casa...and sacring little kids. BWAHAHAHA! I love boots and scarves and Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie...and...football games and....well I love it all! I LOVE THE FALL!!

Alexandria said...

As previously discussed I absolutely LOVE the cold...so welcome Fall...can't wait for WINTER!!

Don't worry, it doesn't ever snow where I live (ya know for when we switch houses; you can leave your parka at home!!)

Um...hello...that scarf...I want it too!!!!!!!! I am also not down with the boots wit' 'da fuuuuurrrr!