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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You'll Always Be My Baby"

So over all my posts here, I have been telling you about myself. Now, I suppose there has been something I have left out. Something big maybe? It is to me. Well, what is it?

I'm a mom.

That's right. I love my baby, seriously. She is the best thing ever. Nothing beats picking her up and cradling her in my arms, snuggling with her after a long day. She's precious, beautiful, mischievous, fun, troublesome, but loving. My life would be empty without her. Want to meet my baby?

Her name is Zoe.

A.K.A. Zoe Princess... Kittis, Kit, Purrrr-Baby

Adorable right? Seriously, Best. Cat. Ever. She plays fetch, loves to be held and given attention, loves her stomach rubbed, loves to play, loves human food especially if it is sweet.

She even loves playing dress up.

She has the softest fur and is small, she was a runt. My favorite feature about her?

Her golden eyes. <3 (If she would have been a boy, her name would have been Jasper.)

That's my fur baby and probably the only baby I'll ever have. 8)



amanda leeann said...

she's adorable.

i love my kitty too!

as i type, she's laying on the rug beside my bed, indulging in nap. cute.

uhski said...

aww I love her! I miss my cat... even though she made my eyes itch. we have cats at my school that we take care of then adopt out and they have their own room so sometimes I go and study with them.

I want to adopt one but my dog would have a melt down.
He is an only child.

Jenny said...

Awww... She is precious!

I love cats... But can't have them... I am allergic... Makes me sad!