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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"You Never Left Me No Messages You Never Sent Me No Letters You Got Some Kind Of Nerve"

Title: Fray - "You Found Me"

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I like to write notes to people/objects/ideas from time to time. This post is filled with nonsense, my fav. 8)

Dear Evil-College,

Last semester when we were hit with wicked storms, it damaged our precious parking garage, in case you forgot. It made it pretty difficult to find parking since this shut half of it down, but we survived. Now it is a semester later, after an entire summer and the flippin' parking garage is completely unusable?! Let me single-handedly thank you for making me late to my first class because there was NO parking spaces for commuters and I was told to park a few blocks away at west campus and walk back. Excuse me? Hi, class is starting now. Nothing is getting better and now you tell me you won't fix it until next semester? I hate, despise, loathe don't like you very much.

Disgruntled student who pays thousands of dollars per year to attend your classes that she can not get to on time.

Dear 1st Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte (no whip) of the season,

How I love thee, let me count the ways. Your yummy sweet taste, warming feeling of fall, keeping me alert and a tummy full of happiness. Now that being said, we must talk. In future times, please refrain from making me pee 4 times in a course of 1 night's sleep. It's quite disruptive for my beauty sleep, and Vito's too. We'll meet again soon, promise.

Your #1 fan

Dear Lazy Person whom I will not name,

Let me just explain to you a huge, massive teeny, tiny problem I have with you anyone. Please do not push your work off on me when you have nothing else to do and my desk is covered. It is much more efficient for you to do it, then explain every step of the process to me. You could have had it completed way before the time it takes for you to do it. I become very annoyed when I then continue to figure things out, turn around to ask a question, and you are not doing any work while I complete yours. Please stop.

Little Miss Annoyed

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uhski said...

I used to write letters to famous people from other famous people.... I had a hole notebook full of them.

I wonder where that went.... hmmm

Stupid College. Stupid Lazy Person. Yummy PSL (which I can't drink anymore because they make me sick =[ but I still love!!)