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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bring me flowers and talk for hours, I like you, and ohh I like how you make me feel

-Since I'm pretty bad at coming up with titles, I'll either use quotes (which most of the times I do not know the authors for because I collected them YEARS ago sorry) or music lyrics. Enjoy!

-Song Lyric: Hope- "Bring Me Flowers"

Since I introduced myself, I decided I should work on introducing some of the other important people in my life. This post I'll dedicate to my other half, my better half.

What can I say, it's the big ears that had me at hello. Just kidding, Though Mickey is SO fine (so fine he blows my mind ;) , that handsome man to the right has my heart. Vito & I have been dating since April 05', meaning we're working on year 5 already. 5 years? Seriously, that seems like an eternity, but seems like only yesterday.

I meet Vito waaaaay back in August 04' at a mutual friend's birthday party. Lucky me, I was the only girl at said sleep over. Works to s girl's advantage having a man for a best friend, huh? ;) First conversation I ever had with Vito was in the middle of the night, I was sleeping on the floor with my special friend at the time ex (he's another story) and I turned over and I heard "You know, you should never sleep with gum in your mouth. You'll end up with it in your hair." I proceeded to tell him I was too tired to get up so he got me something to spit my gum out in so I did not have to and threw it out for me. He has always taken care of me. <3>

I continued my on again/off again relationship (Read: special friendness) with said ex for a few more months. Suddenly Vito and best friend started to hang out at my house after their band practices. It was fun, I happened to like to flirt with him. All the while, I'm getting ready to go on a music trip (I was a chorus girl! Woot woot!), Vito told me he'd come see me before I left. I was nervous since I had never been alone with him before! The night before I left for my trip, this wonderful man showed up at my door step with a dozen white with pink tipped roses(Pink=fav color which I never told him). This was the first time anyone had brought me flowers. This was the last day of my single life and the first day of our relationship.

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