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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Everyday I fight a war against the mirror I can't take the person starin' back at me"

Title: Pink- "Don't Let Me Get Me"

Hate, such a strong word, but it fits exactly how I feel a
bout this contraption made by the one and only Devil himself.

I'm convinced no one but the devil would make such a torturous device. Now I've never been tiny and skinny or any of those body types that the world seems to glorify. I have curves, lots of them... too many of them. I've always been proud to never be a skinny mini but I could shake it like one. Haha.

(Please excuse horrible picture, I'm trying to motivate myself by posting this. Ugh, PUKE!)

I'm unhealthy when it comes down to it. I like food, a lot more than I like exercise. Not good for you food. Food that is covered in cheese or chocolate or salt or caramel. I'm unhappy with myself. I've gotten to the point where looking in the mirror, I do not like to see the reflection. I am not proud of what has happened to my body. Vito, that blessed man, tells me every day that I am beautiful. He loves my body and I despise it, quite a conundrum isn't it?

With the help of Vito, I'm attempting to lose weight again. It's hard, most days it sucks but it is what needs to be done. I'll get into the different ways I'm attempting it at a later date.


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