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Friday, July 10, 2009

You & I can make the entire world jealous

It's FRIDAY!! It doesn't get any more exciting then that. Seriously, only 4 more hours. Can you tell my day is dragging? Just a bit...

Friday nights are usually something I look forward to. It is usually our date night. After so long, we still try to take Friday night, unless other plans come in the way, to ourselves. It's nice. I know we see each other every day since we live together, but it's different ya know? Getting out and not having to worry about cleaning up after dinner makes it better for me. Hehe.

Changing it up keeps things going well, at least in my opinion. I get bored doing the same ol' thing. Date nights remind me of when we first got together. I like
to reminisce on these times.

Our first official going out date was interesting to say the least. haha. Vito picked me up and we went out to dinner at this little Italian Restaurant. It was nothing to spectacular food wise (Read: we haven't been back since) but it was nice. I had never been taken out on a date before, so this experience made me super nervous. After dinner we headed to the bookstore and looked at photography books. Then we headed to the movies. Classic right? Dinner and a movie. Psh, classic would have been seeing a romantic chick-flick. No, we saw High Tension.

Looks like the perfect date movie right? Psh. Right... Except for the fact I wouldn't have been able to count how many times on the way home we muttered "wow that was really messed up." It was a lot. At least the date ended well, with a goodnight kiss.

Tonight, we are not sure what the plan of action is but oh well. As long as we are together and enjoying each other, I don't care where we go. 8)

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