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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If You Can Make A Girl Laugh, You Can Make Her Do Anything

I figured since I read so many blogs, why not attempt to write one too! It'd make me feel better commenting or something. Well, I hate starting out with first posts. Hi, it's me, Vanessa and I'm going to start a blog so I can ramble about random things. Sounds like fun right? Right. Here's a few things about me..

I'm 22.
I'm going to be a junior in college this fall semester (I'm taking the extended route to college) and I hate it with a strong passion enjoy it.
I work full time during the summer and part time during the school year as a secretary with all men.
I'm in love with Google Reader.
Traveling is my passion.
I have the best boyfriend in the world, whole I'll often complain about, but love with all my heart.
I heart pictures, and you will probably not see a post without them whether I took them or linked them from someone who has talent. 8)

I have plenty other random things to say about myself, because I'm pretty random (at least that is what I am told) but I'll save that for other posts to elaborate on. Anywho, I'm done with this post. Please see this silly gorgeous picture of myself with my hands in Harry Potter's, and yes I'm counting down the days until the movie! Woot Woot!


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