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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'd rather die than eat these...

I love food, seriously (welcome to the reason I'm dieting!). But there are foods I wouldn't touch. Welcome to my top ten list!


This stuff is so gross I can't even find an image of it. Maybe no one but my mom eats it. This woman gets in the mood for it every so often and buys a little container of it and spreads it on bologna.

The contents of her Kleenex will resemble cupcheese. Seriously, it's yellow and gross. There are not many cheeses I would pass up, but this stuff makes me gag.


Hate them. Disgusting. Raw, cooked, small pieces, large pieces. Yuck! I'm the girl who drains her pre-made jars of spaghetti sauce because they have tiny pieces of onions in it and if it is not drained, I will picked through/spit them out.

Eggs. Not just any eggs, dippy eggs.

Ew. Seriously. Gooey middles? That's so gross. People dipping their toast in it, gag-worthy.

Beef Stew

I had a bad experience with sickness. I hate even looking at it...

Brussels Sprouts

I spent many hours after dinner growing up sitting at the table by myself because I would not eat these. Ewwwww.

Stuffed Peppers

These were made so often in my house growing up I can't stand them. I hate cooked peppers, stuffed or not.


Bread & Butter Pickles

LOVE pickles, could eat them all the time. I have many fond memories eating giant dill pickles with my sister. Bread & Butter? Disgusting.


Strawberry hard candy things (I don't know the real name!)

I love ALMOST all things strawberry. This is the exception. It is cute, but an impostor. The liquid inside is nasty! Ewwww!


"_____" salad

This can include: Macaroni salad, ham salad, chicken salad, potato salad, creamy pasta salad
Salads that are expectable: Tuna salad (without weird things in it. Tuna, miracle whip/mayo, and seasoning. Nothing else. Period.), seafood salad, a very rare pasta salad with a balsamic dressing kind of a thing, and one kind of dill potato salad that I make. End of story.


Cooked Carrots

Love carrots. I eat baby carrots almost every week with my lunch at work. Cook them and I will not go near them. They turn into a weird, mushy mess that tastes gross.

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