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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"

It's raining today. Personally, I love the rain. It is peaceful, soothing to listen to. Somedays I enjoy the break from the sun. Today, not so much..

I'm convinced that rain brings out 2 things:


and idiots.

First I went to McDonald's to get lunch (which i do VERY rarely but we had no lunch food in the house to bring, ugh) and while I'm paying I hear someone inside yelling at the manager because she wants to go to break... whatever. I drive to the next window to pick up my food and I get the bright and sunny, happy McDonald's employee who was formly yelling, now handing me my food. Doesn't say hi, I thank her for my food, she stares at my 4 eyes and I think she sees 324. I check my bag and there were chicken nuggets instead of my fish sandwich. I waited a while too get someone's attention and here walks over happy McD's worker back to the window. I tell her I received chicken nuggets and I ordered a fish sandwich. Well wouldn't you know, by the look she gave me, I must have been the one at fault for this so I secretly switched them from my car... She asked to see my receipt (?!) and then walks away from the window and starts yelling at her manager again.. Finally 3 mins later she brings back my bag and shuts the window. No thanks, no sorry for the mess up.. No, just shuts the window. Pardon me for wanting to eat while you get paid to yell at people.. ugh...

On my way back to work, I almost got hit. I was waiting to make a turn and someone behind me decided he should turn first. That's right, he tried to go AROUND me in the OTHER lane. Makes sense? Totally.. I'm contemplating avoiding all people for the rest of the day, or until the sun comes back out.

Happy Friday!


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